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Presence - Visual Tools for Focus - The Airplane Map

Chad Moore
Chad Moore
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The Airplane Map
This is a great exercise for teams to better understand how they work. I like to use this with visually minded teams when a new person joins. Or if there’s a major new initiative they are about to take on.
I think its great for solo creative folks as well. Try it if you’re feeling stuck, and not sure of what’s next for you. Or if you’re overwhelmed and can’t focus. 
Doing this quick exercise can help you better understand where you really are. Where you want to go, and why
For this exercise I prefer a whiteboard and stickie notes for teams. Or a digital equivalent like Mural or Miro. For individuals, anything works. If you have a whiteboard, great. If not, draw and write in a notebook, or a scrap piece of paper, whatever you have on hand. 
You can go as detailed as you’d like, but fast and furious is best. Here’s a couple drawings I’ve made as examples:
Draw an airplane and call out the above prompts… I feel it’s best to go fast here. Write don’t think. You can always redraw & rewrite to iterate. 
Be sure to denote the following, in whatever ways make the most sense for you. Don’t overthink it.
- Where do you come from
- What gives you power
- Where are you going
- Who do you serve
- What causes turbulence for you
- How do you steer
Then sit back and think through what your answers mean for you. Let me know what you discover!
The audio version
Visual Tools for Focus - The Airplane Map | Racket
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Chad Moore
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